All Painters are oil on canvas (linen) or board.
      They are all prepared to be archival.

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Bridge to Heidelberg Germany
16x20 sold
Vermont Farm 24x30
Napa 30x36
Montana Valley 20x24
16X20 Summer Reflections
West Branch of the Delaware
Morning 8x10 sold
Summer Falls 12x16
Spring Pinks 16x20
Cape May Light House
8x10 sold
Old Stone Bridge
Big Sur 16x20
Burning Off 8x10
Winter Walls 12x14
Rock Creek Montana 8x10
Sun in the Valley Patagonia
Delaware Float Trip 8x10 sold
Three Barns 20x24
Catskill Morning 16x20
Autumn Pond 12x16
Winter Road 11x14
Alps See (Lake) 24x30
The Edge of Autumn 16x20
Catskill Morning 16x20
Down a Country Road
Summer Sycamore 12x16
Hudson River Afternoon 20x24
Light through the Birches 16x20
Missouri River Montana 16x20
Catskill Fall 16x20
Passing Storm
Fading Light 12x16
Summer Light 12x16
Winter Shadow 12x16
Winter down the Road 12x16
Spring over the Wall 11x14 sold
Summer Pond 16x20 sold
Shadows on a Summer Steam
Foggy Sycamore 12x16
Winter Brook 20x24 Sold
Woodland Interior 11x14
Iguazu Falls Argentina sold
 Lilac Field 11X14